A warehouse of ideas

A small, but perfectly formed team of creatives. We are a StartUp that crafts ideas, transforms them into real businesses and develops them further. Our expertise reaches from market research to digital marketing. We basically solve the serious stuff and by doing so the world becomes a nicer place.

We love what we do, and we do what we love

Identifying Problems

Our goal is to enrich and innovate peoples lives by identifying problems and needs of society. We are aware of the always faster and more complex becoming world generates new issues we can work on.

Idea Development

With our creative team, which combines technological, design and cultural understanding we generate ideas, which we can turn into a businesses. Our approach is both classical, such as the market research and the creation of a business plan, but we also add realistic and cynical criteria to it.

A Full Package

It is important not only what you offer, but also how you offer it. We believe in barrier-less working environment. Both IT and the content team work closely together in order to make sure to provide the best user experience and satisfaction.

  • Creative idea specialists

    The Coufme team tents to think out of the box. Creativity means for us creating something new, something who hasn’t been done before and something which at first sight might seem impossible.

    It’s the willpower to reach never seen before products, which drives us.

  • Bootstrap Professionals

    We are highly skilled young people, who always develop themselves further. We cover a range of know how, from design, to coding, to marketing in all it’s forms, to multilingual copy writing to legal issues.

    The limits between those sectors are blurry, we are a harmonious team, where everyone learns from different sectors.

You got 99 Problemsbut COUFME 'aint one

  • Innovative Minds

    Creativity is essential and important, but it’s innovation what Coufme sets apart from other StrUps. We are always thinking of something outstanding, which will enrich peoples lives.

    Innovative Hearts

    The mind is a tool in order to make ideas reality, but it’s our hearts we are following. The creativity and the innovation, success ideas come from the heart and the deep passion we put into our work. The heart and the instinct is our guide.

    Innovative Ideas

    The outcome of both mind and heart working together are innovative ideas.
    It is our daily goal to innovate business areas in order to come up with unique products.

We're a team that adore what we do

  • Team Member

    Dario Pandolfo

    CEO. Dario is project manager, he has a great entrepreneurial spirit and is a marketing enthusiast. Coming from a legal background he is specialised in the web legal field. Furthermore, he initiated various projects in his life from organising events to creating mobile advertising tools. He is involved in policy making, works for ItaliaCamp and is a phd candidate in digital innovation.

    Team Member

    Florian Schwienbacher

    Content Director. He grew up in a multi lingual environment and speaks four languages fluently (German, Italian, English and French) and is a design and technology enthusiast. During his international Law studies he gained StartUp experience working as product and marketing manager in the mobile advertising sector. Furthermore, he is a trained actor and therefore skilled in making presentations and public speeches.

    Team Member

    Mauro Licini

    IT Manager. After finishing his degree in computer science he started working as software engineer for a world leader company in technological solutions.
    He joined the StartUp, he likes new technologies especially mobile and web oriented software. Strong interest for everything involved in coding and problem solving.

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